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Gardening: How to Grow a Mango Tree- The best way to Germinate Mango Seeds

Anika is going to show how to germinate mango seeds

First step is to get a box of nice tasty juicy mangoes.

After eating and cleaning the mango seeds, let them dry out on the window sill for a few days, this will make it much easier to get the seed out of the hard husk

Snip the D shaped edge of the hard husk to gain access to the seed inside, make sure you do not damage the seed.

Now carefully pry the seed out of the dried shell

One down, 5 to go!

Now to germinate the seed we have to loosely wrap the seed in a paper towel and soak it in water.

Now place the wet towel wrapped seed in a plastic wallet, and cellotape it in to seal it.

Repeat the process for all of the other mango seeds and then we have 6 mango seeds ready to germinate into mango trees over the next 2-3 weeks.

By Anika Walayat

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