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Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebration in Silverdale, Sheffield / Special Events

The celebrations over 4 days included a quick trip to London, with Princess Anika afforded a special place amongst fellow royals as tens of thousands of subjects showed their appreciation of the Queen for 60 years reign.

Timing is everything, and with literally seconds to spare the Walayat Family grabs a quick photo op before the Queens carriage arrives.

Imran Afzal Family Visit from South Africa to UK / Special Events

Imran, Shahla's brother arrives from South Africa to visit family in the UK.

(Choudhry CM, Nadeem, Imran, Aysha Ali, Yasmin Ali)

Walayat Family Eid November 2010 / Special Events

EID day! Quick photo of all from left to right of the Walayat Family, Hashim, Adnaan, Sami, Uncle Nadeem, Hishaam, Babuji, Anika, Daniel, Uncle Kashaf, Jamal, Kashan

Major General Farooq South Yorkshire Police Visit / Special Events

Major General Farooq visiting from Pakistan was shown around South Yorkshire Police facilities by Kashaf and Choudhry Walalyat on 19th May 2009.

Visits included Sheffield Police Headquarters and Traffic police headquarters.

Major Farooq was presented with a sheild by the Chief Constable.