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Uncle Irfan's Wedding in Karachi- Anika's Pakistan Adventure P3 / Weddings

It's Uncle Irfan's wedding day and I get to dress up, and put makeup on (Don't tell Daddy!).

The married couple look very nice.

That's one wedding done, not to prepare for the next which is a long way away in Lahore.

By Anika Walayat

Copyright 2012 - All Rights Reserved

Shiasta Baji's Mendhi in Lahore - Anika's Pakistan Adventure P5 / Weddings

After a few days rest it was time for Shiasta Baji's Mendhi

Family members and friends took it in turn to perform the Mendhi ceremony

I had to sit quietly and watch for most of the time - I was bored!

Though Habib-Ul-Rehman would help keep me entertained at times.

By Anika Walayat

Copyright 2012 - All Rights Reserved

Shiasta Baji's Wedding in Lahore - Anika's Pakistan Adventure P6 / Weddings

They booked a big hall in a posh hotel for the wedding.

The wedding hall soon started to fill up with people as we waited for the bride and groom.

Wow! Shiasta Baji looked like a movie star!

We took it in turns to sit with the married couple on the stage.

After the stage we were ready to line up to go and eat.

That's my Haji Mamoo, with Shiasta and me, he will be flying with is to Dubai on the way back to England

By Anika Walayat

Copyright 2012 - All Rights Reserved

Kashaf Walayat and Rafieda Nabi Registry Office Marriage Registration / Weddings

Kashaf and Rafieda decided to register their marriage after some 14 years (Islamic marriage) at the Rotherham Registery Office.

Many family and friends were in attendance.

Indleeb Walayat Marries Mahboob Ditta, November 2008 / Weddings

Indleeb, the Walayat families eldest daughter marries Mahboob Ditta in Edinburgh on a cold winters day in November 1998.

It's a small close nit wedding as family members have made their way from Sheffield to attend the occasion some 300 miles north.

Shahla Becomes a Walayat, Surely Sheffields Biggest Asian Wedding of the Year! / Weddings

Shahla becomes an official member of the Walayat Family