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The Big Bang Beginning of the Universe Explained by Anika of Dobcroft Infants School / School and College

This is the first of my science videos, Today I am going to talk about how the Universe began with the Big Bang.

Click here for the video.

Up until about 100 years ago everyone thought that the universe was fixed  and unchanging.

Then along came Mr Edwin Hubble who’s observations using the Mount Wilson telescope discovered that there were lots of galaxies beyond our own and that they were all moving away from one another as revealed by the Red Shift Doppler effect  i.e. that the universe is expanding which means that it had a beginning


Scientists estimate the big bang was 14 billion years ago when the universe exploded into existence and started its expansion.

Now the Big Bang is not like an explosion you would imagine it, because it is not matter that is exploding but that it is the Space that is expanding.

It is like we are on the surface of a balloon that is expanding, so the other galaxies are moving away from us, and the further away an object is the greater is its speed as the more the universe expands the larger the balloon becomes so the greater the rate of expansion.

So again it is SPACE that is expanding.

Which also means that one day the universe will die, probably a trillion years from now the space will have expanded by so much that all of the galaxies and stars will have expanded away and eventually even the space between individual atoms will expand so that there will be nothing.

In my next video I will talk about Did God create our universe, I promise you will be surprised by the answer, so ensure you are subscribed to this youtube channel.

Anika and Dobcroft School Singing Squad - Concentration Navigation, Hey Mr Miller... / School and College

Sing along with Anika and the Dobcroft School Singing Squad, at their Summer Fair 2014.

Play the youtube video to hear the songs -

Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree
Concentration, Navigation
I got kicked by a kangaroo,
Here Comes Sally Walking Down the Alley
Hey Mr Miller
I got kicked by a kangaroo

Greystones Primary School Summer Sports Day 2013 at EIS Sheffield / School and College

Greystones Primary School held their Sports Day 2013 for at the £23 million English Institute of Sport Stadium in Sheffield, with more than 300 children participating in a whole range of sporting events.

Many sporting events were held throughout the day including, hurdles, sprints, long jump.

Long Jump

Sparkly Rabbit - Dobcroft Infant School's Magical Rabbit / School and College

Anika dances and plays with the magical Sparkly Rabbit of Dobcroft Infant School - Sheffield

"Hello Sparkly - Welcome to my Home"

"Sparkly your tiny, let me use my magic powers to make you bigger."

"That's better sparkly now we can dance together, 1-2-3 cha-cha-cha"

"Sparkly are you still getting bigger?"

"Oh no Sparkly! I think I have used too much magic powers!"

"Oh no sparkly now your bigger than our house, how am I going to take you back to Dobcroft School?"

By Anika Walayat of Dobcroft Infants School - Sheffield

Greystones Primary School Sheffield Parents 200m Races - Who Will Win? / School and College

Greystones Primary School Sports Day 2013 at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield, featured male and female parents 200m races.

First to go are the women, under starters orders!

Half way around and there is a clear leader, click the video to find out who won

The women's team over, now its time to see if the men can beat their fastest time.

The men are out fast, can they keep the pace and beat the women?

Watch the video to find out who won and if any records came close to being broken.

By Sami Walayat of Greystones School

This Is The Way We Go To School - Dobcroft Infants, Athelstan and Silverdale / School and College

Sing along with Anika and Sami "This Is The Way We Go To School"- Dobcroft, Infants, Athelstan and Silverdale.

This is the way we go to school, go to school, go to school,
This is the way we go to school so early in the morning!

How to Get a Place at Silverdale School, Sheffield by Adnaan Walayat / School and College

I will be starting Silverdale School in September this year. The league tables suggest that it ranks as one of Sheffield's best secondary schools.