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How To Do Guides: How to Learn to Ride a Bike in 6 Days by Sami of Greystones Primary School

Sami shows how to learn to ride a bike in just 6 days at only 1 hour of practice per day.

DAY 1 - The problem is in attempting to balance on 2 wheels

By the end of an hour sustained bicycling for some 10 seconds is possible but very difficult to sustain for longer durations.

The Solution is to attach STABILISERS to the bike

DAY 2 - The stabilisers make a huge difference now sustained cycling is possible without fear of falling off, even if the pace is slow.

DAY 5 - The speed and quality of cycling has much improved. Sami is near ready for cycling without stabilisers.

DAY 7 - Just 6 days (6 hours) after riding a bike for the first time Sami is ready to properly ride his bike.

KEY TIP for Learning to Ride a Bike is to use stabilisers for the first 6 days practice at 1 hour per day on a flat pathway then you will be ready to properly ride a bike without stabilisers.

By Sami Walayat of Greystones Primary School

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