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Home: Tree's Cut Down, Trunks, Stumps and New Fence Silverdale, Sheffield

Had a pleasant early after move in surprise recently to find that the neighbour had cut virtually all of their very close to the boundary bordering trees down.

One at the front

And about 5 or 6 along the garden bordering area.

Thats a lot of wood still left to shift!

Wow those tree stumps are a lot thicker and closer than I thought they were! Something to monitor for any consquences of.

Its great news that most of the trees have gone which means plenty more bright sunlight this summer, however the space now needs a new fence erected for privacy.

Now thats much better!

That leaves just one giant willow tree right at the back corner that perhaps will also be chopped down at a later date?

A leesson for all, THINK before you plant trees into the ground becuase they GROW! and some grow HUGE!

By Nadeem Walayat

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