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Birthdays: Kashaf Walayat 40th Birthday Party At Apna Restaurant, Rotherham

Kashaf Walayat 40h Birthday Party At Apna Restaurant, Rotherham

Rafieda arranged Kashaf Walayat's 40th Surprise Birthday party at APNA Restaurant, the party was attended by more than 50 guests including starting off with an hour long presentation before the birthday buffett meal and final cake cutting.

Guest speakers included the following


MP Megg Munn Shabaz Ramzan Deputy Chief Constable Bob Dyson
Tony Dam Doctor CM Walayat MBE Pakistan Consulate General, Mohammed Samir Iqbal


After the speaking and after the meals its time to cut the cake !

Cousins - Annie, Sami, Adnaan and Harris

By Nadeem Walayat

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