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Fun Time: Millhouses Park Sheffield Children's Boating Lake, Bouncy Castle, Climbing Frame

Summer came early to Sheffield this year with temperatures well above the seasonal average during March which prompted Sheffielders to populate Sheffield's numerous parks and open green spaces such as Millhouse Park, which apart form the usual swings and climbing frames also has many pay to use facilities such as tennis, bowling, and a pirate themed boating lake for the children.

The fee charged is 2 per person per boat or 3 for two in a boat for an advertised 20minutes. Though do make a note of the time the person goes into the boat, as one of our boats was called in for whatever reason after only 10 minutes! That's HALF the TIME! A quick but firm word with the lady operating sorted that out! Still DO ENSURE you clarify the return time with the person operating, lest you experience the same.

The children definitely had a lot of fun fighting pirate battles on the boating lake.

After the boats is time for some bouncy castle fun at millhouses.

And wrap up the day on the climbing frames.

Followed by a good 20minute walk back to Silverdale Close.

Though off course the early summer did not last with snow falling just a few days later.

By Nadeem Walayat

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